teatro lleno

ENRIQUETA, Y el cuento de siempre tarde (Enriqueta and the always late fairytale) is a unique theatrical experience. The show uses the latest technology to tell a story full of magic, fantasy and color. The musical for all ages brings to the stage a fable of an exceptional 10 year old girl, Enriqueta, who enters the best known fairy tales living adventures and meeting some truly exceptional characters.

In real life, Enriqueta is very practical and a bit solitary. Her favorite pastime is to solve crossword puzzles with her pet banzai. But when she enters her magical world everything is different as she meets Cinderella’s ugly step sisters, a witch, a wolf who’s not so mean, a pretty confused pirate, and many more.The musical production leaves us with wise morals and is aimed at the entire family as it celebrates the opportunities life sends our way to overcome adversity.

Rider Técnico / Technical Rider